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Find your emotion!

id say im moreso bitter than angry.... i dont know. homicidal? very. i slept in my car last night and this guy was jogging by and decided to stop and talk and he was really creepy. he kept asking me questions about EVERYTHING. then i was like, moving around and laying down and trying to hint for him to leave and i guess he took it wrong or.. i dont know. but he was like, well.... you want some company? and i said no really rudely and then he was like, you wanna make out or something? and i said NO so he was like, its ok i wont touch you or anything, i was just asking. god it was creepy and it made me feel horrible. did he think i was sleeping in my car because i was a slut? what about me made him think that i would possibly make out with some random sweaty guy thats 8 years older than me? ugh it makes me feel like shit. so after he finally jogged off i laid there and cried. im a bit homeless at the moment and ive decided to become a cleptomaniac. im not wearing a single thing i paid for. i say its all good as long as i dont get caught. if anyone would like to offer food or a place to stay or a place to even go to get out of the heat, my cell is 940-736-1339. please dont call just to nag me or something
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