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i feel pretty, oh so pretty!

yoooooooo im at the library. i got all my review sheets n stuff... my grandma has finally and unfortunately broken her silence. blah, 3 emails in 1 day, all of them insulting. fuck theeeeem. actually, i need money. damn the man. i should get high before i go over there or something. that makes everything easier. i hate flourescent lights. wasnt there some kind of study on how they cause depression? if not.. there should be cause they suck. everything seems so easy and simple when im at jennys house. then i leave and its like... *crash* life sucks i need to die quickly. i wish i had a whole bunch of food. ice cream and bananas and spaghetti and like... something breaded.. fish! mmmmm yeah and then like, fresh shrimp with lemon juice and some kind of bread on the side. then a salad.. a really nice good salad. mmmmm im starving. not really, but i wanna eat. good fooooood. you just cant steal quality food. whats that all about? geh the desk here hurts my arms. i want spaghetti bad. i made jenny breakfast this morning. mmmmmm food is good. i really want to rant n rave about aaron but i just cant... and that pisses me off even more. i cant be mad at the bastard. ugh. blah. ugh again. im gonna go have fun WITHOUT AARON! as if there was any other way...
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