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give me peace, love, peace love, give me peace love, and a hard caaaaah.......

kazaam. hehe... last night rocked ass. i love finding people you click with! its hath been a while. i went over to david's/his girlfriends apartment and we hung out and smoked A LOT. i tried hydro, its crazy. i forgot how wonderful doing shit makes me feel. and i made a new buddy.... heheh hes such a sweetheart. we held hands all night and played with the kitties and watched tv. aaaaawwwwww. we'll see how i feel about him after tonight.. my feelings tend to change especially when the first impression takes place while im really fucked up. we'sa gonna go to post prom. lots of free food. im sooo tired. i kinda didnt sleep. sheeit. hehehehehheheeeee im all giggly! im gonna try to sleep or something. yeah. then get up later. n stuff. psh i dont have to get up till he gets off work at like 11. *does mental math* sheeeeeit thats a lot of sleeping time! yar, im off to sail away into the night matey. time be a'waistin!
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