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only foooooools rush in

oooooooooookay so i went out tonight and hung out with lesbians and im realizing more and more every second that im totally not into girls right now. i just want a cute guy to hold me and kiss me and watch tv and listen to cute music with like ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. but sara made me cookies so thats always good. shes really sweet. so is jenny, jenny rocks! and tish and manie. i seem to be a catch to the ladies at the moment. wouldnt ya know it. i always want what i cant have! yeah dr vasavada was like, "get a job! dont think of it as work think of it as therapy! you dont want to do anything because you have such a strong self defeating streak in you that tells you to stay home and sleep and ruin your life!" geh he was like... i dont know. he was telling the truth but it seemed like he was treating me like a moron. i know my thoughts arent logical, but i still beleive them! i just wanna sleep and smoke pot and eat and swim and .... smoke pot some more. whats so worng with that????... other than the problem of money..pshaw! oh oh oh joellas gonna go to gay prom with meeeeeeeeee! jenny has to do some stupid tech thing so she cant go, im on my 4th date so far, hopefully this one will stay till the actual prom. were gonna go thrift store shopping for some crazy clothes for him. i miss aaron. im not really sure what exactly i miss about him but i miss him. he was being all nice today so im thinking good thoughts finally. oh yeah... DONNIE DARCO IS HOT AND I AM GOING TO MARRY HIM!!!!!

(the fact that he is a movie character is totally and completely irrelevant and i will tolerate no talk about it. SILENCE!) i wish i could speak french to everybody all the time. its so much fun! i wanna learn mooooore. what? me? interested in something? whatthehell.. ew i should go to bed i have to get up early n stuff for a meeting at the learning center. i got in! ill have 15 school days to finish the second half of eng 4 and us hist. think i can do it? CAN I GRADUATE!??!!? can i get my punk ass off the street?
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