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another letter that will never be given


ohgod, why do you have to be so cute and hilarious and hot hot hot all the time time time. why cant i get it in my fucking head that YOURE AN ASSHOLE?!?!?! you treat melike shit and i just keep coming back begging for more. "hmmm... maybe he would like me better if i gave in and did whatever he wants me to.." i know it doesnt make sense and i know its not what i really want but.... youre just so hot. even when youre saying the asshole things you say youre hot. in fact, youre even hotter because you know how to do what i like and it was such a beautiful kiss while it lasted and all i want is for you to be the person that you are inside my head. you make me hate my instincts. for 6 years ive wanted you and now that i actually know you youre a peice of shit... BUT SUCH A HOT PEICE OF SHIT. i guess we could be just friends.. but i dont know if i could handle that. wed be talking about weezer and ill space out looking at your hair or your lips or yout giant hands or your awesome clothes or your cool shoes or your blue eyes or any of the amazing things that i can look at. if only you were as beautiful on the insiiiide. why does it hurt so muuuuuuchhh. uuuugh. i just want you to treat me like a human being and not some slut. and its sooo obvious that thats all you think of me, or want from me at least. please just hurt me or something so that i can forget about you and move on, cause if you dont ill just come back and get more angry every time and end up killing you or something
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